Finding Time for Social Media

Using social media effectively
Finding Time for Social Media

If you run a small business you will know just how important social media is in relation to your company’s marketing strategy. It’s a medium with wide reach, costs nothing and gives you absolute control over your company profile.

Why then, are so many small businesses neglecting their online presence?

Our research overwhelmingly points to one cause: lack of time.

With so many other things to take care of its unsurprising that business owners are having to park some things for later, but don’t make social media the ball that you drop.

Below are quick tips for how to make time for social media:


Look for areas of work that you can share with your co-workers or, if you are a very small business, your family and friends. If you currently spend 2 hours a week making telemarketing calls – try offloading that particular job onto somebody else and free up a little time for yourself.

Identify your most productive time

Some of us wake up ready to go whilst others need 4 cups of coffee, a full English and a swift slap to the face before we can type an e-mail but come into our own when the lights go down after midnight. Understand when you are at your best and use that to your advantage.

Get into a routine

We have a habit of postponing jobs that we don’t want to do. Be strict with yourself and once a time period has been allocated for working on your content creation and social media accounts, stick to it.

Make a to do list

Waste less time procrastinating by making a to do list and systematically ticking off items until you have nothing left to do but tackle the social media elephant in the room.  Try making your list before bed – not only do you wake up with clear instructions, you’ll probably find that you get a better nights sleep.

Use social media management tools

If you’re going to fit all your social media interaction for the week into the time slot that you have created, you’ll need to use a scheduling assistant to post your updates over the course of the week (there is nothing worse than multiple status updates coming one after the other and then nothing until the next bombardment a week later). Try using Buffer. This is a free service that allows you to pre-type and schedule your posts giving the appearance that you are an active social media enthusiast. Voila! You already look like you’ve got the hang of this.

Psst – Did you know that we offer a Social Media Management service for just £99? Save yourself the time and let us handle all the updates for you!

Forget multitasking

It is a myth that we achieve more when we multi-task. In reality, we just do multiple jobs poorly and get less done overall whilst becoming more stressed at the same time. Maybe men had it right all along, ladies!

Step away from the smart phone

If you always get addicted to the latest smart phone trend (think Candy Crush Saga whatever the hell it is and flappy birds) you need to back away from the phone now. Nobody every got rich by playing with their phone all day (ignore Zuckerberg for the minute…) and all it’s doing is ‘crushing’ your productivity levels.

External help

If you have looked at your business and really can’t see a way to fit social media management into your already packed schedule – look outside your company for help. We at StorSafe can establish and run your social media accounts with little input from you after the initial handover. Please contact us if you’d like our help.

Do you have any top saving tips? Tell us in the comments below.

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