Giving back to the community is something we strongly believe in. As a result of this, we have decided to donate a percentage of our profits to a different charity every month.

The charities we choose are organisations that truly make a difference in this world and work hard to make a change. Below is a list of charities we have donated to previously:

May 2015

British Red Cross – Within 3 weeks of each other, two massive earthquakes hit Nepal and caused monumental devastation. The British Red Cross have teams on the ground providing life saving help to thousands of people who have lost everything.

Donate to British Red Cross

April 2015

Soap4Life –¬†Soap4Life is a small hands-on humanitarian organization, dedicated to the development and support of economic opportunities for critically impoverished families living in remote rural Laos.

Donate to Soap4Life

March 2015

Diabetes UK – Diabetes UK is the UK’s leading charity raising awareness for people affected by and at risk of diabetes.

Donate to Diabetes UK

February 2015

Care for Dogs – Care for Dogs is a small charity setup to provide emergency care, rescue and adoption of dogs in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We actually volunteered here this month and saw first hand the incredible work they do for the dogs.

Donate to Care for Dogs

January 2015

Multiple Sclerosis Society – The MS Society helps to improve the care and treatment for people suffering from MS.

Donate to The MS Society