Why Blogging Is Good For Business

Copy writing for your blog

The online presence of your business is more important now than ever before. The savvy customer of today has a wealth of information at their fingertips and it’s important that the information they find about your company says the right thing about you and your business.

Blogging is by far the most effective way to control your online identity whilst simultaneously accessing both new and existing customers, especially when used in conjunction with other social media platforms.

But why is blogging so good for business?

Increase your ranking in Google

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of analysing your current website content and optimising it to enable you to perform better in search results for specific terms and keywords.

It’s an organic concept which is constantly evolving whilst leaving no real formula behind for the rest of us to follow.

Whilst we are able to undertake in-depth research to try to rank a website or page higher in search engines, one thing that cannot be overlooked is that the fundamental concept of blogging – to publish new content on your website regularly – is the very same thing that will see your website soar up the ranking list leaving your competitors tailing behind. The reason for this is that new keywords are introduced constantly and this enables your reach to extend further than before. What’s more, Google begins to anticipate when you will publish a new article and will actively look for it.

Drive traffic to your website

Social media is a great tool for your business if utilised correctly. Websites like Twitter and Facebook are great BUT there is only so much that can be conveyed in a tweet, especially when limited to 140 characters! However when you use these very same mediums to promote an article that links directly back to your website, you will see traffic to your website increase instantly and meaningfully with people clicking your link to see what all the fuss is all about.

Informative and well written articles will see users returning to your website time and time again to revisit the content that they found useful and, who knows, they may even share your site to their followers generating an even bigger buzz. This is FREE advertising at its very best.

You can even link to certain pages of your website within an article to direct traffic to exactly where YOU want it.

Develop your relationship with your customers

So many small businesses are written off by new customers before being given a chance to impress. Why? Because they don’t trust you. Give your customer the opportunity to interact with a friendly and knowledgeable individual and you will build a level of trust that simply cannot be gained from a website alone.

Stand out from your competitors by giving an insight into the man behind the machine, go the extra mile and it will be noticed. Customers are sceptical at the best of times but never more so than when trading online in an environment that is still dogged by stories of shady characters with dishonest intentions. By knowing more about the way you operate, you help to dispel the cynicism standing between you and your next sale.

A simple strategy is to reply to all comments left beneath your articles. A continued presence from someone who is genuinely interested in conversing with their readers inspires a faith in your character and ability to perform that may not have been there before.

Showcase your knowledge

Your website might say that you are great at providing whatever service it is that you offer, but this is not always enough to convince our sceptical customers.

Having a well written blog to demonstrate your knowledge base not only shows new customers that you know your stuff, it also proves that you are confident of your own ability to perform the task. It may just inspire them to take the leap of faith so often needed on the internet and make a sale from a small, unknown business that does not carry the same safeguards as shopping with a big e-commerce brand like Amazon.

With this in mind StorSafe are excited to announce that we are now offering a blogging service to our clients.

We will provide a strategically worded article on a subject relevant to your business at least once per month. Topics can be decided by you or alternatively left to us to determine and all articles will be passed to you for approval prior to being published.

Please get in contact if you would like to discuss establishing a blog for your website.

Thank you for choosing StorSafe.

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