10 Top Twitter Tips for Your Small Business

Twitter bird logoWhilst Twitter is still small in comparison to its popular rival Facebook, it continues to make waves in the social media market with many experts predicting that it will dominate the small business market in the coming months.

You may have conquered Facebook but how, when limited to 140 characters, can you make the same impact on Twitter? Improve your Twitter technique now with these top twitter tips:

1) Fully complete your Twitter profile

Many people in their haste to set up an account will neglect to fill in their profile. The Twitter profile is sparse taking only minutes to complete and it is an invaluable way for any small business owner to spend a few minutes. Twitter is fast paced and if you want to get noticed you need to make sure that you have an eye catching profile picture and information about who you are and what you do available for immediate inspection before your curious Twitter customer moves on without leaving so much as a “favourite” in their wake.

2) Business message over everything

Keep your updates on topic at all times. It may be tempting to get into a battle about politics or even which football team should win the World Cup but this is not what your business Twitter page is for – save this for your personal. You only get one first impression and so make it count. Keep your tweets relevant to your business and leave your opinion at the door.

3) Engage with your followers

As your Twitter account grows and you receive more messages, be sure to respond to them. Keep messages private when you need to but otherwise leave conversations in full view on your timeline by putting an “@” in front of the username of the person you are speaking to – e.g. @customer. People looking through your timeline will be able to see that you interact and are helpful, knowledgeable and present making them want to talk to you too.

4) Share selected personal information

It’s always beneficial for your followers to know a little bit about the person behind the account. Be selective in what you share – telling your followers that you’ve had a crap day and you hate your job is not going to help your cause, but a brief “had a lovely dinner with friends today” will humanise your account and draw people in. Try to keep your messages positive and upbeat – nobody needs to associate your account with negativity.

5) Twitter Glossary

Do you know your @ from your RT? Check out the Twitter glossary for a quick lesson on how to utilise frequently used Twitter terms.

6) Follow Back

Lots of people will follow you just so that you will follow them back. Hey, we never said Twitter was perfect and the truth is that numbers matter, and they should to you too. If someone is following you and you like the look of their timeline, follow them back. A mutual follow is likely to give you more retweets over time and this is how you will spread your message across the Twittersphere.

7) Include a link to your website or blog

If you want to be trusted on Twitter you need to link your website. People want to check you out and we all know that a website gives you your best online presence where all of the content is written by you – ensuring that your message is not lost in translation. If you don’t have a website, get one now.

8) Be nice

By taking the time to say hello to your new followers or thanking someone for a re-tweet, you’ll get a reputation for being polite and this will do good things for your business. Would you buy something from somebody you don’t like? No, and neither will anybody else.

9) Use shortened links

With only 140 characters available you have none to spare. Don’t use a long link like https://storsafeuk.com/plans-pricing/ when you can save yourself a few characters by shortening it to http://tinyurl.com/StorSafe saving a whacking great 9 characters! This works best on really long links… Tiny URL is a popular link shortening website.

10) Follow the Billboard rule

Never Tweet anything that you wouldn’t be comfortable to see be printed on a billboard and erected outside your house. If you never say anything to regret, you never have to worry about your public profile and this will save you a fortune in the long run as bad business reviews will quickly ruin all of your hard business building work.

Got any tips of your own and would like to help expand this list? Let us know in the comments!

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